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The Tesla Model 3 finally has some stiff competition. Is the Hyundai IONIQ 5 good enough to be picked over the Tesla?

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Jack Deal

Product as described


I've ordered a smartwatch and received it for a month. It works well, and has goold quality. Most important thing for me is that it looks beautiful, it fits well.



Budget Pet Products Online store

My fur babies love your products so if they are happy it makes me happy


My Fur babies love your products so that makes me very happy customers. I will continue to buy my products from you.


MarySouth East Queensland, QLD

Specsavers Retail Stores

Specsavers warranty ?


Today I attended the Specsavers branch in Clare. After my eye test by a very pleasant consultant, I was informed my eyesight had slightly altered, so I decided to get 2 new pairs of glasses. Upon testing various frames, I picked out the pair I liked. As fate would have it, I dropped the glasses I arrived with, which resulted in one of the lens to drop out. Fortunately, the girl who was serving me checked her computer and informed me that the glasses were still under warranty and that she would fix them. While she was attempting to fix them, she was joined by another staff member, who apparently told her not to fix them. The girl retuned to me and informed me that the screws were not covered by the warranty, but they could use another frame for just $120. Slightly annoyed, I informed her that I would attempt to fix them myself. Previously, I had never uncounted a problem with getting Specsavers to repair any minor faults. I guess it comes down to who is in charge on any particular day!


lollymanCentral, SA


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Clara V.
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Clara V.
Clara V.20 Jan 2022

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Wendy Z.
Wendy Z.12 Jan 2022

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Wendy Z.
Wendy Z.12 Jan 2022

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Clara V.
Clara V.4 Jan 2022
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