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Pet stores sell all the essentials, novelties, and extras to keep your pet happy and healthy. In addition to pet items, some pet stores will have animals available for adoption, but overall, they’re not supposed to breed animals for the purpose of selling them. Continue Reading...

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Best Pet Shop

The Vet Shed
  • Award Winner 2022

The Vet Shed

 · includes 2 listings
4.8 from 817 reviews

Boasting a wide range of products, The Vet Shed is the go-to place for ensuring you have the right products for taking care of your pets.

Excellent quality
Unique products
Stocks vet-approved brands
  • Product Quality
    4.9 (693)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (14) · No (684)
2nd Best Pet Shop
4.8 from 502 reviews

According to an overwhelming majority of reviewers who have seen their pets achieve a relaxing and restful sleep in their new beds - Pupbeds are effective.

Provides comfort and relaxation
High-quality materials
Accommodating size range
  • Product Quality
    4.8 (458)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (15) · No (429)
3rd Best Pet Shop
Aquatic Supplies Australia
4.9 from 203 reviews

Aquatic Supplies Australia have consistently impressed reviewers by providing high-quality products, shipped in secure packaging, that has kept customers coming back for more.

Impressive customer service
Competitively priced
Wide variety of products
  • Product Quality
    4.9 (154)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (6) · No (151)
City Farmers
4.7 from 220 reviews

With friendly customer service and a wide range of products, City Farmers is bound to help you find the right products for your pet.

My Pet Warehouse

My Pet Warehouse

 · includes 2 listings
4.5 from 822 reviews

Latest review: never had a problem ordering, always quick delivery ,my dog absolutely loves the biscuits and they last a long

Budget Pet Products

Budget Pet Products

 · includes 2 listings
4.4 from 1,149 reviews

Latest review: Thank you so much, such fast delivery as usual and quality protection for my dog Bruce against all the

Olly's Box
4.6 from 122 reviews

Subscription-based service Olly’s Box promises to delight your dog with its monthly box of toys and treats that delivers right to your doorstep.



 · includes 2 listings
4.3 from 2,411 reviews

Latest review: The staff were extremely helpful with my online same day delivery order & then when I need to exchange my order they were very helpful and I encountered no problems with doing this. All the staff I

Barney Bed
4.8 from 63 reviews

Latest review: I wish I had had the same experience. I spent over $1000 on 3 beds because my dogs are my world, and I'm on a disability pension so that's an awful lot of money for me. 3 months on, ine of the beds

4.4 from 181 reviews

Latest review: My poor kitty is 22 and in need of someone to see him I held of taking him to vet because they said they would be here in the morning it’s been a whole day and I had to take time of work because they
4.3 from 346 reviews

Latest review: This company is not a good business to deal with. They say at the top of their home page - FREE SHIPPING & NEXT DAY DESPATCH - This is not an Australian company! There are plenty of little Aussie

La Luna Pet Care
4.2 from 522 reviews

Latest review: I have purchased the cat cabana on other occasions and am pleased with this product .we also purchased a corner bed this time as the products are

Pet Circle
4.2 from 6,457 reviews

Latest review: • Super easy to process your orders • Orders are dispatched in no time • Received my order within 2 days • No fuss at all

4.4 from 142 reviews

Latest review: Ordered on the 6th, followed up on the 8th as had not been shipped, was told one item was out of stock and remainder of order would be sent the next day. Followed up on the 14th as has not been

4.3 from 67 reviews

Latest review: I always search around for the best prices for the more expensive dry food and so far I've found JumboPets to be the best. Their delivery has been super quick and it keeps me coming

Pet Guardians
4.9 from 29 reviews

Latest review: If there were 6 stars, I would give them 6 golden stars for price, speedy service and fabulous communication. I will not go anywhere else for my dogs meds (Apoquel).

Betta Pet Systems
5.0 from 26 reviews

Latest review: So happy with this product, fast turn around, delivered & put together. Highly recommend , look forward to working with them again to add and Adjust as my cats needs change. Love it thank you again.

Sassy Treats

Sassy Treats

 · includes 2 listings
4.6 from 29 reviews

Latest review: Healthy treats, our dogs love them! Especially the venison, mackerel, and of course, sardine pellets as training treats. Great service, if you live far out of town like us, you can get treats



 · includes 2 listings
4.1 from 27 reviews

Latest review: Placed an order two weeks ago and still have not received it. Have sent two emails re my order and both have been ignored. Order says “payment accepted”. Will never purchase from this company aga

The Age of Aquariums

The Age of Aquariums

 · includes 2 listings
3.5 from 64 reviews

Latest review: Was a great store but is closed now. The guys in the shop were really helpful and always happy to have a chat. Prices were responsible. They will be missed. Thanks for this

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Specialised pet store vs general supermarket

Pet stores carry a greater variety of items and brands, with some pet stores carrying as many as 100+ pet food brands. On the other hand, supermarkets do stock some items for pets, but they are limited - only enough to fill a few shelves in an aisle.

If you’re unsure of whether you can pick up an item for your pet during a quick mid-week grocery shop, or whether you’ll need to schedule a trip to a pet store, consult with the table below.

Pet storeSupermarket
Extensive range of pet food brandsLimited pet food
Broad range of medication + pet supplementsBasic medication
Dedicated pet insuranceBroad insurance that also covers pets
Accessories and pet training suppliesSome pet accessories
Services such as pet washes
Option to adopt animals

What are pet items?

happy dog with toys

Pet items and supplies sold by pet stores can be summed up into the following:

  • Food: dry, wet, vet prescription diets.
  • Medication: flea, tick and worm control, antiseptic, toothpaste + supplements such as rose hip powder, stress relief spray.
  • Grooming: shampoo, soap, scissors, shears.
  • Cleaning: carpet cleaning, laundry detergent, odor remover, multi-surface cleaner.
  • Training: vibrating collars, clickers and harnesses.
  • Pet accessories: standard collars, leashes, leads.
  • General supplies: feeding bowls, plastic bags to clean up any mess while going out for a walk.

Pet store services

Other than selling pet supplies, some pet stores also offer services catering to the needs of pets.

  • Dog washing: Some pet stores, such as City Farmers, offer a mobile dog wash service that travels to your home. In addition to washing your pets until they’re cleaning and sparkling, mobile dog washes often provide extra services such as nail clipping, flea rinses, and an ear and paw pad treatment.
  • Puppy school: this involves taking your puppy to training sessions, in which your pet will become socialised and trained to learn skills, such as toilet training, walking on a lead, and following basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘drop’, and ‘wait’.
  • Pet education: Many pet stores will also have articles and videos on their website for free, that pet owners can consult for handy tips and tricks on how to train and take care of their pets.

How much is a dog at a pet store?

The price of a dog from a pet store will depend on various factors, including age and breed of the dog. Certain dog breeds are considered to be more valuable than others and thus will be more expensive.

  • Pure breed: A pure breed dog, such as a French bulldog, will set you back by around 5 to 10k. Pure breed dogs are harder to find on traditional adoption sites, as they are highly sought after. You'll most commonly find a pure breed dog on specific breeder sites.
  • Mixed breed: Cross-breed dogs are common in animal shelters and will usually cost around $200 to $400. Animal adoption agencies are eager to find dogs a new home, so it's rare to find cross-breed dogs for more than $400.

Some pet stores have animals available for adoption or will facilitate pet adoption via third party organisations.

Many adopted dogs will also come already microchipped and vaccinated, as this is the standard procedure once stray dogs are brought into a shelter.

Depending on how old your dog is, you’ll need to spend money on getting your dog de-sexed (if you don’t want your dog to reproduce), which can cost around $300 to $500.

What do pet owners spend the most money on?

Initial costs

According to, you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $6000 within the first year of owning a pet.

Some of these costs will include getting your pet microchipped, vaccinated and/or de-sexed. Other initial costs include purchasing pet essentials, such as a pet bed, feeding bowl, kennel, pet insurance, etc.

Ongoing costs

After these initial costs, the most significant amount of money pet owners spend will be on food. On average, a pet owner spends around $800 a year on premium pet food. A common challenge faced by pet owners is searching for a brand and type of pet food that's affordable, yet still addresses the nutritional needs of your dog or your cat.

Another aspect that some pet owners might have to spend a significant amount of money on is vet bills. Depending on why your pet is in hospital, you could be looking at spending a large amount of money. However, choosing the right pet insurance for you and your pet may take a weight off your shoulders, and could also save you money in the long-run.

Pet store etiquette

Salesman and woman holding dog in pet store

Buying pet supplies from an online store offers the convenience of not having to leave the house, but sometimes you’d rather go into a physical store in person so you can check for yourself whether an item is suitable or not.

So if you’re planning on visiting a pet store, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Unless the store clarifies otherwise, don’t bring your pet - especially if you’re purchasing pet supplies from a supermarket. If you want to bring your pal along for a little adventure to the store, the following stores are pet-friendly and happy to welcome your pet in-store.

Of course, there are still some limitations. In general, ‘pet-friendly’ usually refers to being welcome to conventional pets like cats and dogs, as opposed to the wild possum you rescued on the side of the road.

Some stores also enforce rules, such as requiring that you keep your dog leashed at all times, or secured in a trolley. To be sure of what you can and can’t do; it’s best to consult with the online website or call up the store in advance.

  • Petbarn: is pet friendly, the store only requires that your dog is leashed while inside the store.
  • PETstock: feel free to bring along your dog or cat, as customers have been told they can bring their pets with them.
  • Bunnings: Not a pet store, but bunnings stocks some pet items, and is known to allow ‘friendly’ pets to be brought into the store - but they must either be secured in a vehicle or trolley or carried around the store.
  • Best Friends Pet Store: Their website states that ‘pets are as welcome as their owners.’


Overall, pet stores offer all the items you need to keep your best friend happy and healthy. Whether you’re stopping by to pick up a bag of dog food, or bringing in your pet for a wash, many pet stores are convenient, one-stop shops for everything your pet might require.